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We help people get visas to visit, work and live in Australia

Australian Immigration – we live and breathe it.  

About Us

We work with people from all over the world to help them visit, work and live in Australia. We also assist Australian and overseas businesses become sponsors so they can employ the skilled employees they need.


We give you honest advice on your migration options based on your personal circumstances. We have done the research, we are facilitators, we are dream makers.

How to plan for applying for an Australian visa with AVIE


Each and every person and business we work with is unique.

We listen carefully and make sure we understand your needs.  We explain how you can reach your migration goals.  We discuss all your options and then help you every step of the way.

Australian visas with AVIE


We ensure your documents are prepared to the standard required by the each authority. 


We lodge your skills assessment, sponsorship and visa application and represent you throughout the visa process.


We help people study in Australia. We can help you:

  • Choose a state to study

  • Connect you with an education agent

  • Get your student visa



We help people stay, visit and travel Australia. We can help you 

  • Get a visitor visa from outside Australia

  • Get a visitor visa from inside Australia

  • Get a working holiday visa


We help businesses sponsor employees who are inside or outside Australia so you can grow your business with the employees who have the skills you need.

We can help your business:

  • Become a business sponsor

  • Nominate an employee to work for the business

  • Get a visa for your employee


We help people with visas so they can live in Australia. 

We can help you:

  • Stay for a while 

  • Get permanent residence

  • Become an Australian citizen

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Why people choose AVIE

We know our stuff

We make it simple for you

No surprise costs

Read our 5 star Google reviews

"I just don't know what we would have done without you.


The decision to ask you to represent us was the best decision I could have made." 


"Great service all the way through, perfect understanding and communication of private situations.


Thank you very much AVIE, especially Nicole for genuine counselling. She is a very responsive and responsible person, provides practical suggestions that suits the individuals needs. Made my immigration process hassle-free. 


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